Monday, May 13, 2013

somewhere to sit

Does the warmer weather and sunny days make anyone else want to be outside all.the.time.??

Praise the Lord for sun and vitamin D!! 

We're thrilled with our new deck and couldn't wait to find a nice cheap affordable furniture set so we could enjoy dinners and relaxing out on it. 

We bought one set, then returned it. And then bought another one and love it!

Phinley and I supervised as Ryan put it together. 

It's hard being in charge all the time! :0P  

We're so happy with it! 

And I LOVE that large oak tree which will serve as our umbrella for the time being -- perfect shade!

And yes, I helped Ryan move our grill up 9 steps to the top of our deck. It was a ridiculous thing for a strong, but delicate girl to move 0:-) I told Ryan he can thank me for my big muscles...I'm a beast when I need to be. 

It was actually really funny because I was barely able to do it and he kept saying "push!push!" Then we'd get it up one step and I'd let out this huge exhale and we'd do it all again....9x. I'm pretty sure our neighbors thought I was delivering a baby out in the back yard! We landed the thing on the top and died laughing because we were both thinking the same thing...we birthed a grill. Hot dog! 

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