Monday, May 20, 2013

adoption: part I

As with anything new...there's a lot to learn.

My brain feels like it's been pulsating since we started Clomid a year ago and hasn't stopped.

Each new step has brought me to Google. 

Do you know how much you can find when you Google something? Too much

There's a point when you have to click the red "x" and say that's enough for now. I could read and read, but then my brain fills and I forget to buy milk or a friend's birthday or that cute shirt I went into Target specifically for.

As much as I want a child, it's taken energy to balance that desire and enjoying and living my life as it is right now. You can't live fully when you're head is somewhere else all the time -- namely, the future.

So...we officially started preparing for adoption through Adoptions From The Heart!

 Last week we turned in our application and attended a required "Adoption 101" course in Cherry Hill, NJ. I've been reading a lot about what is ahead for us, but I'm trying to take a slightly different approach than I did with our IVF treatments. I'd spend so much time trying to know everything, that I was really missing out on the here and now.

I'll admit, I was a little skeptical about the adoption course, but it ended up being really great! I didn't know too much going in and I think it was better {before I would have googled the crap out of it and tried to figure it all out before we got there :) }. We all have our own thoughts about adoption and it's neat to learn some of the truths and myths behind it all.

Next up is our home study....which isn't just about the house you live in! I know, duh Erin! haha We meet with a small group in our area to talk more, but then we're on our own. Every agency does things a little differently, so I'm trying very hard to be patient and get directions for our next Google! I don't need to know it all right now.

To be continued...

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