Sunday, March 3, 2013

from the sewing room

It's been a productive weekend!

I managed to do a ton of spring cleaning...minus Spring. Isn't getting into bed with clean sheets and a clean comforter the best feeling!?! 

Getting so many jobs done around the house was great, but I was most excited about completing a few little sewing projects this weekend! 

Remember when I made a camera strap for myself? Well, I tried again, but this time beefed up the process ;0) A co-worker of mine got a camera around the same time that I did and I wanted to make her one. 

I used THIS tutorial.

This new and improved one has fusible fleece lining and clean stitches...

I also made some bibs for new babies arriving this spring! 

Another co-worker is expecting a baby girl in April -- I loved the teal, yellow, and raspberry. 

This one isn't finished, but I loved the bicycles so much I had to share! Baby's daddy loves bikes, so this was perfect! This is a to be continued....

I made this a few weeks ago. Making burp clothes a little extra special is so fun! It's nice to do something other than just a shirt and onesie :) 

And finally...something that I didn't sew....

A new ironing board {that looks like it's leaning - haha}!! 

And our very messy craft room/office. 
Yes, that's a chair massager on the floor, in the background -- Ryan loves that thing. I hate it. 

Back to the ironing board.

Ryan got one when he first moved out of his parents house and although it wasn't terrible, it wasn't too sturdy either. When I told him I wanted to look for a new one, he said that the one we had was good enough. And then I asked him when the last time he did the ironing was. And he couldn't remember. And then we went straight to Target.

He's learning ;0)

 Hope you all had a great weekend!!

1 comment:

Emily said...

You're so crafty. :-)

How do you make the bibs? That needs to be next on my list. After I clean up the burp cloth explosion in my craft room that is...

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