Wednesday, February 27, 2013

camera strap and cute little dog

We are SO boring these days!

I had to take a few days off work last week, so I had lots of time to finish cleaning out some areas around the house and get rid of extra stuff that we just don't use anymore. We have so.much.stuff. -- it's nice to just clean out once in a while! 

I also refolded all of Ryan's sweatshirts and sweaters -- his closet shelf looks great! We'll see how long it stays that way ;0) I did my side's so easy to just throw them up there! 

Friday night I organized a girl's night out to see Safe Haven. It was good and not nearly as super girly as I thought it would be. I heart a good Nicholas Sparks love story 0:-) Since I got my monthly friend that day and knew our IUI didn't work, it was nice to have that distraction!  

Ryan had to go into work kind of last minute on Saturday, so I hung out the entire day in my sweats and did a little sewing for a couple of my friends who are expecting a little one later this spring. 

Sunday, I decided to make something for myself! I've been working on smallish projects for lots of other people, but don't make stuff for myself very often. It was very last minute and I just used what I had in my stock pile.....

I think my camera strap cover came out great! Ha ha! 

I'm a little embarrassed by the's awful! BUT it was more of a trial run. Now I know what to do and will be using fusible fleece for the next one :) Just didn't have any of that on hand! 

And because he's just so darn cute -- my little fuzz head a few days after getting shaved. That would be a clean pile of Ryan's undershirts he's using as a pillow...he just knows the best spots!

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Andrea {blonde ambitions} said...

Great job on your camera strap! I am very impressed! I dabble in sewing a little but haven't ever tried making my own camera strap. Now you have me thinking about my next project. Phin is very cute too! Don't we just love our four-legged children! :) I am so sorry the IUI did not work. We have also been trying for several years to start our family. If you ever want to talk, I would be happy to be a friend to you.


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