Friday, March 8, 2013


Anyone else ready for the weekend?

We had a snow day on Wednesday. Here's a picture of how it looked outside my bedroom window. 

Ummmm...yeah. The huge snowstorm we were suppose to get was a big fat false alarm. 

I tried to be excited and thankful for a day at home, but now we need to be at school the Monday after Easter. Booo.

I did manage to finish up a baby gift and make another camera strap! I really need to make a nice one for myself!

I really really want to go to Ikea tomorrow and get another desk for our sewing room. We're borrowing one right now from some friends and I love it! It's long and narrow and I have the perfect spot for a 2nd one. One day our friends will want theirs back....and then what will I do?!? :-) 

Ryan is busy all day so unless I find someone to go with me last minute I'll just be hanging out at home again ;-) 

Hope you all have an awesome weekend! 

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