Thursday, March 14, 2013

basement update - drywall

Ryan officially finished hanging up the drywall in our basement bedroom and bathroom last night! Well...he finished hanging it, he's hiring someone to do the taping. 

I'm so proud of how much he gets done. Dry wall is one of my favorite steps -- so much gets done in so little time :-) 

I'm standing in front of the slider here, facing the bedroom. We'll have french doors in the huge opening. 

Steps to upstairs far left, bathroom door on left, bedroom door opening on right.

Utility closet door on far left and bathroom door on right. The steps that go upstairs run parallel to this wall.

Door into bathroom with roll-in shower straight ahead. 

It's getting there! 

Ryan is pretty confident it will be done before summer. If you're planning a visit this summer, you'll have your own little retreat spot down here ;-) 

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