Tuesday, January 15, 2013

IVF - post I

We started our IVF treatment last Thursday. I was cleared to get started after my baseline ultrasound looked good. We count every step forward as a victory! So that's a score of 1 for us! 

The injections are done with an epi-pen like tool and are fairly easy. I give them to myself each morning and night. The first one was definitely the worst, but they've gotten a lot easier! It seemed so overwhelming at first, but really it's not bad at all. The needle is small, so that helps a bunch. I'm just getting small bruises at the injection site -- looks weird to have a group of small round bruises! They don't hurt though :) 

Tomorrow I will probably start my 2nd medicine, a 3rd injection each day for about 4 days. Everything just depends on how my body reacts and how many follicles are growing. They don't want to overstimulate me!

 I had my first ultrasound since I started and they counted 7 follicles starting to grow -- it's crazy! Just a few days before I had nothing! I'm hoping that a few more start to grow and the rest mature. Just because there are follicles doesn't mean they will all mature and/or have eggs. We pray that we get plenty to save for any further treatment!! 

So far I'm feeling great! I still have a few days to go, but you can do anything for a few days....right? I think the hardest thing right now is balancing our excitement for what could happen with reality. I have hope, but am still trying to be open minded to God's plan for our lives.

Thanks for your prayers!!


Kelsey Winter said...

Saying some prayers for you right now!

Andrea said...

Praying! Grow, follies, grow!!!!

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