Thursday, January 10, 2013

breakfast nook revisited

When I feel like I need a change I rearrange the furniture or cut my hair. 

I will.not. be cutting my hair anytime soon, so furniture it is! 

I shamelessly got this idea from His Doorkeeper blog -- specifically this post

I've always loved the idea of a chair or love seat in the kitchen area. My Gram had a super comfy sofa in her kitchen area and it was always a favorite sitting spot. Near the action, but not right in the action. 

We have a big island with 4 bar stools. We eat all of our meals at the's close to the sink and not far from the stove :0) 

I really like our b-nook table and chair set. It was a cheap deal from a local furniture place, but it fits the space nicely. The thing is -- we just don't use it. So I changed it up!


After....hello love seat and foot rest {from my Gram's house!}

It's such a cozy spot to me. If we want to have company over or eat at a table we can use the dinning room...isn't that what the room is for?? 

I like the idea of having Ryan "hang out" with me while I cook or friends relax and chat with me as I get dinner ready without having to be in the family room directly in from of the TV. Maybe even one day we'll move the sofa out and put up an easel for coloring and bins with toys :) 

Ryan's still getting used to it! We'll see if it sticks -- so far I love it {and isn't that what matters? ha ha} 


Andrea said...

I love that! People always gravitate to the kitchen when you are hosting a party or friends are over - that is a great area to sit and relax but still be a part of the action!

Emily said...

Oh my gosh - I love it! Exactly like Gram's house and so nice for friends. It will be great for kids too! Where did you put the table and chairs?

Stephanie said...

I love it! I have been trying to talk Lance into doing something like this in our kitchen, but he likes our table against the wall, bummer. And, it would definitely make a great play space for you someday...we are praying so much for your family that everything goes well and that you will be pregnant soon. You are going to be such a great mommy! :)

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