Sunday, December 9, 2012

outside lights

We're working toward the Griswold house over here. 

Well...not quite, but still lots of pretty lights at our house!

We started with lights and garland around our posts, then easily decided it would look nice to have a strand along the top of the porch and garage. 

THEN Ryan thought it would be great to outline the entire roof line in lights! Although I can't really argue with him, I think it will look great, I do worry about the steep roof and a certain someone I love sliding down to meet his fate with the ground. 

He tried to get on the roof and belly his way to the edge, but thankfully he came to his senses and came down. That didn't stop him from buying a special pole and gutter clips to finish the job.

Right now our house looks like this.....

When Ryan is done getting us glammed up for Christmas I'll do a final reveal! ;0) 

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