Monday, December 10, 2012

christmas through the years

I'm a traditional kinda girl. As much as I try to fight it, I like things to remain the same. 

As the youngest, I saw things change quite a bit throughout the years. All the change is good, just takes time for me to get used to! 

The first Christmas we spent with the Harris' was tough for me because I wasn't with my family. I had a great time, but it was just different

Lets take a look back....

Christmas Circa 2008 - Cowell/Wilkinson/Berry pictures. Looks like the whole taking pictures thing got big next year. We spent Christmas with my family in Cleveland -- it was awesome having everyone under one roof. And it was Ryan and I's first Christmas together. 

Christmas Circa 2009 - Harris'
Look at little fuzzhead, just a pup!!

Marissa was growing Andrew and they were still living in CA!  

Christmas Circa 2010 - Harris' 
Holy short hair. Gah. Worst hair ever. 

Shannon and Ryan were the only ones to fight their way down to presents this year {something different for them}.

And fuzz head wasn't confined to his leash anymore! Until he was 1, he wore his leash 24/7 -- for easy grabbing in case he was getting into trouble. ha ha  

Christmas Circa 2011 - Cowell/Harris/Wilkinson
Hair is growing out {phew}! Ryan gets more handsome each year ;0) 

Asher was extra fun and into opening presents! He's really at a fun age for holidays :) 

Christmas 2012
Oh! It's not quite Christmas yet, but one thing is for will look different. 

We knew Ryan would have to work on Christmas {and Christmas eve and day after Christmas}, eventually, we just had no idea it would be his first year as an SRO. 

SO -- it's going to be Phinley and I on Christmas morning. I'm really trying to see the positive in this one, but really I just feel sad. I know it's just one day, but to me Christmas is Christmas. Probably the traditionalist in me, but the idea of waking up to an empty house and spending the morning alone is like my worst nightmare. Ha ha...ok it's not that bad! But it will be different

I thought about traveling to be with family, but then Ryan is alone and that just doesn't seem right! Especially since he has to work! 

Thankfully! My dear friend, Jess, is opening up her home for me to spend the afternoon. I'm not sure what I would do without her. 

I just keep praying for some peace about this year. Hoping to fill the days after Christmas with fun memories...

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