Sunday, December 2, 2012

from the sewing room

I feel like I'm finally getting a grasp on how to use my embroidery machine!

Remember a few weeks ago when I wrote about "what I learned?"'s still working! Guess it was me all along 0:-) 

But you know what? I was thinking about some of my first attempts and how they just happened to be during the same time I was taking my highest dosage of Clomid. I blame all my irrational embroidery machine tantrums on the crazy pills! I seriously feel so.much.better. this month being off those things! are a few things I've made in the last 2 weeks!

Anthony's Dad is the worship leader at our church {hi Derek!}. I thought a guitar would be cute for his little boy! I only wish I had had the time {and supplies} to make all 7 of his kids one! Although Ryan told me some of the older ones would probably think it's not too cool anyways -- true. :) 

I found this stripped pink outfit for a very very good deal and wanted to jazz it up with my niece Alayna's initials. I thought it came out so cute! It's so tricky working in such a certain area, with stripes, and snaps close by! 

Simone is my sister in law's niece and was born very premature. She is just a miracle! I'm not sure I'll ever get to meet her, but I just had to make her a little something :)  

Simone is also Andrew's first cousin on that side of his family!! He's going to be a big bro soon! January! So excited to meet my new nephew then :) 

Can't wait to start some fun holiday shirts :) 

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Dan and Karen said...

Oh my need to teach me how to use that thing! lol...I would be embroidering everything!!

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