Sunday, December 16, 2012

crafting craze

There's nothing I like better than a quick craft. 

I have such a short attention span it's better if it's quick {easy helps too :)}.

I'm head of the nursery at our church and wanted to do something nice for all of the volunteers. There are around 16, so I knew it would need to be simple and relatively inexpensive. I saw this cute idea on Pinterest a while ago.

Bath and Body Works hand soap with "Wishing you a holiday season full of peace, joy, and hope soap!" tag. Perfect for our baby handlers -- lots of hand washing ;0) I got the free printable from here.

Friday night we had our small group Christmas party and I was to help make the treats. I finally decided on Snowflake Mix {also known as Christmas crack} and.....

Sweet and tangy meatballs. Ohmygoodness...yummmm! Thankfully there were enough left over for lunch today ;0) 

I also did some embroidering for a woman who works at my school. She has kids who play a lot of sports for our school district, so I tried to personalize some things for her. It was my first time monogramming for someone {not in my family} so I was nervous! I just want it to be perfect! AND they were Christmas gifts! 

This scarf has pockets -- awesome! Lower Dauphin on the lower left side. Love how Phin's face made the pic :) 

For her daughter 

"LD" in the top center of a gray hooded sweatshirt. 

Long sleeve polo shirt {for someone...} See Ryan's red hair? Love him. 

Got lots done this weekend and that always feels amazing!

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