Wednesday, November 28, 2012

lego village vs. lamp

My nephew has a TON of legos! 

We stayed in his "lego" room over Thanksgiving and almost caused complete Lego demolishment. 

Thankfully, my husband works at a nuclear power plant and is trained to stay calm in emergency situations.

He was on the sofa fiddling with the power cords and somehow managed to pull the lamp's cord, which pulled the lamp, and almost tipped it over except the base got caught on the very very teeny weeny edge of the sofa. 

I was lying on our air mattress at this point and looked over to find this: 

After the initial "what the heck is up with that lamp?" thought and then taking a picture, I freaked because Owen's Lego village was about to be destroyed.

Can you envision legos flying everywhere??


Naturally, I screamed for Ryan to grab it, but not to move to much on the sofa because the lamp was hanging onto the very very teeny weeny edge!!! 

In the end, no harm was done. Thanks Uncle Ryan!

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