Monday, September 10, 2012

forgotten 5K and a first!

Saturday morning, I ran the 2nd annual Forgotten 5k! It's a race to benefit children orphaned by AIDS in South Africa. 

It's always nice to run for a good cause! I have some connections with the founders of this organization, so it was also fun to go and support! 

I met up with my friends the Stutzmans and their little man Jonah :)  

Did I mention it was also a costume race?!? 

I decided to skip the costume, but they were the sun, moon, and planets {Jonah}. You can't tell by Jonah's outfit here {no clothes!}, but he had planets all over them :) 

Much more interested in Daddy's sun though! 

They ran the 5K with Jonah in their jogging stroller. I'm still not sure how they managed up this one super steep hill -- sheer strength I guess ;0)  

I had a great race and ended up placing 1st in my age division! Ha! I was SO surprised! When I came in at number 35, I thought I had a chance to place in my age group, but no idea I was #1!  My time was just around 24:03 -- that's my guess. It could be a few seconds slower...will find out later today! 

Here I am with my award and certificate :) I was so proud of myself! HAHA! The award was a wooden carved elephant from South Africa -- how cool! Beats one of those gold plastic trophy runners any day! 

This is my first {and probably my last!} first place award -- I'm going to enjoy it for all it's worth!

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ashlie said...

Wow, 24:03 is impressive! You are FAST!

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