Friday, May 4, 2012

testing, testing, 1.2.3.

I married a very smart man.

And I'm not talking about "husband" smarts -- like making the bed each morning or unloading the dishwasher without asking.

He is dedicated, driven, and very disciplined. Everything you need to be an SRO at a nuclear power plant.

SRO = Senior Reactor Operator = managing and operating the control room = keeps things safe and sound = no meltdowns

Over 2 years ago he decided to apply for the SRO position, still at the same company, but much different than the engineering work he was doing at the time.

Most new jobs require a few weeks {possibly months} of training -- this was right around 2 years. He had a 3 month break in the middle, but other than that is was all studying with written exams each Friday.  And if you got below an 80 you failed. And then had remediation training. And then got kicked out of the class and lost your job if you didn't improve. Each test was cumulative and many of the questions had 2 right chose what you think, they think, is the best.

Who's they? Oh...the men who write the test. That you don't know :)

Ryan did amazing! His final test was last Thursday and he passed at the top of his class. They started with 10 and ended with 7 {I think}.

I am so.proud.of.him.

I knew Ryan was special when I married him, but so many of his core qualities surfaced during this training. His trust in God's strength and wisdom was so evident the entire time.

If you prayed for him -- THANK YOU!

It's over! We have our lives back!

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Kelsey Winter said...

Congratulations, Ryan! And congratulations to you, Erin, for being a supportive and loving wife during your husband's intense training!

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