Tuesday, May 29, 2012

happy birthday Andrew

Andrew turns 2 today! 

Ryan and I traveled up to Rochester this weekend to help him celebrate! 

Every good host knows you have to stay hydrated.... 

And make sure all the pretty little ladies are taken care of. 
Drinking juice boxes with his neighbor friend :) 

The boys kept busy playing in the water table and stealing chips off the food table!  

Always something to do! 

We sat around, watched the kids be cute, ate, and played KanJam! 

Right up until it was singing time! 

Happy Birthday to Andrew!! 

It was so funny to watch him devour the sherbet...this boy loves cold treats! 

He just planted himself down and went to town :-D 

It was so good to see Marissa and Jason's new place -- the yard is Amazing! Perfect spot for a party. Can't wait to visit again! Thanks!! 

We love you guys!


Ranjith (SRGF) | A light hearted talk said...

Happy Birthday :-)

Emily said...

Happy birthday Andrew! That looks like some pretty awesome happy cake - yum!

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