Thursday, May 24, 2012

happy anniversary: revised

Happy 4th Anniversary to the man of my dreams!

When I posted yesterday, I didn't feel too good {stomach bug turned nasty cold} and we were getting ready to go for dinner so we could be back to pack for a trip we're taking this weekend! Ugh. I hate how colds zap all of your energy!

So when Ryan and I got married, I had no idea how much I didn't know about him.

All the really good stuff too! Like how unbelievably handy he is....or how far his patience stretches {I'll admit, I'm a handful sometimes!}

Years ago when I was thinking about all the qualities I wanted in my future husband, things like....

  • Being an expert craftsman
  • Having the skills and know how to run a nuclear power plant
  • Being an awful dancer who doesn't care at.all. because he's having fun!
  • Having the ability to garden and care for plants like little children {they are his new babies!}
Weren't really in my realm of thinking. 

I wanted a man who loved the Lord and treated me with kindness, respect, and decency. I had other standards, but the qualities Ryan has to share with the world I could never list, put into words, or imagine would be in the man God chose for me!

I know with confidence that God knows what he's doing...he paired me up with the best! We are a perfect match!

Love Ryan so much!


Teri and Bob said...

Happy Anniversary Erin and Ryan! May you have many blessed years of love and (harris) happiness (sorry, it just seemed so appropriate)! :-)

Erin and Ryan said...

Thanks Teri! We had a nice day :)

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