Sunday, April 22, 2012

paint debacle

I'm the worst at choosing paint colors. The worst. 

Just when I think I find the right color it has a little too much green...or pink...or blue...or yellow...or brown...or it just doesn't look right! 

If only I could magically get the color in my head to just appear on my wall, or at least pop out to me as a sample I would be all set!! 

So...the quest for the perfect upstairs hallway paint color began....weeks ago.

It's a tricky area because it's, well, a hallway. We see it all the time, We see it from all the bedrooms and downstairs, so it needs to match pretty much everything. I'm not sure most people would think about it as much, but I'm a little obsessed with things matching and looking just right. 

We painted our downstairs foyer a few weeks ago and I just haven't fallen in love with it the way I wanted to. It's a big hit among all of our friends, but was looking much to green for me in the evenings {especially when I was sitting on the sofa trying to relax and couldn't stop staring at it!! ha!}.

I don't want to make the same mistake again.

So I bought samples, then a few more :) 

But before the samples, here's the space we're attempting to color.... 


Only showing 7 here....

At another spot  

And another 

And another....because lighting is so different in hallways!! 

Oh yeah, another.  

You'll be happy to hear we did chose! 10 samples later!

It's called Aged Beige - behr 

Can't wait to see it all actually painted!

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