Thursday, February 23, 2012

valentine's day shirts

Sorry I haven't had many consistent posts up recently, we've just been going about our normal routine and are Nothing new at all

Other than a very crowded {and uneventful} trip to Ikea last Saturday we're just kinda sittin' quiet over here in Hershey. Ah well...

I'm not sure if I ever posted the shirts I made for my nephews and niece for Valentine's Day! They came out so cute...check 'em out!



Alayna {she's still so tiny her "A" looks huge!}

My oldest nephew Owen didn't get a shirt, sorry buddy! He's in 2nd grade and I'm afraid a homemade shirt at that age from your aunt who sews is kinda like, so not cool!!

1 comment:

dran said...

They look great! So cute and I LOVE the stud muffin one!

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