Monday, February 20, 2012

turn table

I'm a girl that likes change.

Well, when it comes to furnishing and decorating the house...all else is worthy of another post.  

And let me take a quick moment to be specific -- I'm not talking about the need to go buy new furniture and decorations for the house {I love what we have!}....just the desire to switch it all around :) 

Growing up I would constantly be drawing up plans to move my bedroom furniture around and then round up all the strong men in our house {ummm, Dad!} to put it into motion. 

This whole notion baffles Ryan to no end. 

What? You want to move that sofa to another room? Why? 

I'm guessing he gets it from his Mom :-) She's the definition of practical and sensible. If it works, leave it alone! Ha! I love it! 

I get the "switch it up" gene from my Mom. And I think it's good to keep Ryan on his toes....

SO...yesterday I thought it would be a good idea to switch around our breakfast table. Everything just seemed to be going so much in the same direction! 


See? Subtle switch. 

Did you catch it?


 I think it really opens up the space more!


 It took 2 seconds and minimal man power.

I'm thinking the TV hutch going up to our bedroom is going to be a different story. To be continued....

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