Monday, November 28, 2011

thanksgiving at our house

This year we were blessed to have the whole Harris clan over to our house for Thanksgiving!

I failed big time getting enough pictures {not even one of the whole family}, but between the cooking and hosting I was able to snap a few!

Everyone arrived on Thanksgiving day and things didn't stop until Sunday afternoon when Jason and Marissa {brother and SIL} headed back to NY!

This little man stole the show :0) He was on the move 95% of the time, so I have a ton of blurry photos...not many still ones though! Isn't that how it's suppose to be at this age?!? :0)

He's just the cutest!

The only time you can get him to sit and be still is when he's watching the computer or cell phone. This boy LOVES any computer, cell phone, camera, etc. He knows right where they're all kept throughout the house. He stands in front of you with his arms up and a look on his face that reads "I'm ready. Take me to the computer!"

Next year we'll have another little one -- Darren and Kasie are due in January! Haha! Well, just Kasie, but by this picture you wouldn't know! Kasie looks so small next to Darren's big basketball belly!

Can't wait to meet her in January!

Phinley was a such a good trooper. We kept him in our bedroom anytime Andrew wasn't napping, because although he's super friendly and loves kids, he tends to jump....right. at.their. face. It was easier to keep them separated than try and watch both all the time!

Andrew loves dogs or "woof woof" as he says, so we let them say hello in passing :0)

Saturday night after everyone left we got to babysit Andrew while his parents were at a wedding. It was so fun!!

Half way through the weekend I remembered this nylon tube we had bought Phinley {which he doesn't play wit} and thought it would be perfect entertainment! Andrew really had fun with it!

Moving around so much I couldn't get a picture!

Fun weekend! We hope your Thanksgiving was just as blessed! Just a few weeks until Christmas :0)

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Emily said...

Oh my...Darren needs to lay off the pumpkin pie!

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