Thursday, November 3, 2011

thankful: painting DONE

Nov 3: Painting is done in 2 more rooms!

I'm thankful that I had time this week to paint 2 more rooms in our house! I love that we have so much space, but ohmyword it's a lot to paint!

My painting skills are more than lacking, so I do rooms that are easy and not all out in the open for everyone to see :0) I spend just as much time scraping it off the floor than I do actually painting!


Color: Valspar - Jungle Chameleon

Master bathroom!

Color: Valspar {waverly}; Beach House

With each angle the color looks a little bit different....

I love it!

Just 5 more rooms and an entry way! Oy ve.....


Mom said...

It looks so nice the color...great job picking it out and the painting.

Meredith said...

Both rooms look so nice! I LOVE that shade of green. We're in the process of working on our tv/family room...when that's done, we'll only have 2 more rooms to go! Keep posting pictures of the home improvements...they're good inspiration!

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