Wednesday, April 13, 2011


We're leaving soon to visit with my parents for a few days.

Because of this, Phinley needed a little freshing up {i.e. bath time!}

He hates getting a bath! Usually Ryan is around to help me, but on this rainy morning I figured I'd do it myself.

So I tied him to the tub and did the deed. He looked so sad and pathetic the whole.entire.time. It breaks my heart, but no one likes a dirty dog.

Usually I'll take him for a walk to get dried off, however it was all rainy, SO being the very loving owner that I am, decided to towel him off and air dry in the house. He's so small he doesn't get stuff sopping wet, just damp.

Since I was about to get in the shower myself I left his bed on our bed, hoping he would roll around, shake, etc in it {that's what he always does after a bath} in his bed, on our bed...not just directly on our bed. Make sense?? :0p

I came out of the bathroom to find this:

Little dog knocked his bed off ours and had rolled over every square inch. How did I know you ask? Because the whole blanket was damp, including our pillows.

Haha! I had to laugh. Looks like I have some more laundry to do!!

1 comment:

Emily said...

Naughty dog!

At least he was clean.

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