Monday, April 11, 2011

bum knee

A week ago I got a pain in my left patella.

It was annoying, but not extreme, so I continued to work out.

I never work out that hard core, however, recently I've been trying to do more intervals to get ready for the upcoming Warrior Dash I'm doing in May and my overall summer hot bod {yay right!} ;0)

Anyways....I've been doing a whole lot of nothing over the last week, except this....

RICEP {rest, ice, compress, elevate, pray}

Because it's one thing to not want to work out and it's a whole other thing to actually want to do it and can't!

Ryan keeps saying, "rest, you just need to rest it!"

God is in control and this just proved to me how often I rely on myself.

Maybe God knew I needed a break and needed to do a little soul searching. It's easy to say I rely on God and I know He's in control of everything when life is going my way {don't we all love when things go our way}'s different when things aren't going as planned.

God, I entrust every single part of me to You. Bum knee and all -- You are in control.

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Meredith said...

I can really identify with that feeling of frustration, when you want to work out but when you know your body should rest at the same time. It's really disconcerting, especially if you make a routine out of it. I hope it gets better soon!

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