Friday, January 14, 2011

the loot

Old Navy is having their beginning of the year super sale today -- 40% off clearance.

Ryan LOVES this sale...he waits all year for it. It's apparently the only time he can buy clothes {he won't buy t-shirts over $7, pants over $10, etc.}. He's pretty much guaranteed an awesome deal on everything {clearance} that he picks up -- what's not to love?

The last few years it was 50% off clearance, but since we weren't sure anything good would be left if we waited for it, we just went ahead and loaded up :0D

Check out my loot
1 sweathshirt
3 t-shirts
2 tanks
1 corduroy pant
1 skirt
1 3/4 length shirt with embellishment at the top

So what was my savings??

Original cost {tag price} = $177.50
My cost {w/sales} = $44.12

That's a savings of $133.38!!

Not to bad if you ask me! This is the perfect time to get some new pieces for the spring, especially if you have kids!! They can be stylish and it won't cost a fortune...not that I need to tell anyone who reads this, that. I'm sure you're all super shoppers :0D


Meredith said...

ohhh I have one of those tanks, I think..cute and can be dressed up or down! and I really like the skirt! nice job ;)

Emily said...

Nice loot! Gotta love the ON clearance sale!

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