Tuesday, December 7, 2010

big dog

On my walk with Phinley this morning a dog that looked liked this:

Got away from it's owner and B-lined it across the street right at us.

It was cold, windy and dark. I had my hood up {with fur}, so my peripheral vision was non-existent and I had no idea what the mass was going to do to my cute little dog....I kept losing sight of it!!

Poor Phinley was the size of it's head. I'm not kidding.

It sniffed us both and Phinley barked like a wild dog -- trying to protect me, no doubt.

I basically peed my pants. It was scary.

We {Phin and I} were both fine and the owner apologized, but I didn't have any idea what to do!

Any suggestions on what to do next time??


Daniel Stutzman said...

Next time, bring a saddle, and try and ride it like a horse.

Andrea said...

That is always one of my biggest fears when I'm out walking our dogs, especially if I'm alone. Unfortunately I don't have any great advice except do not pet/touch the other dog if you can avoid it. Your dog may be feeling protective and try to come in between you and the other dog and start a fight if the other dog gives you too much attention (even if it is good attention!).

My family dog growing up was very protective of us and we could never pet another dog out on a walk because she would always end up putting herself in the middle to be protective.

I usually remind the owner of leash laws too - but that's just me! Even if they are apologetic, it only takes one mistake for someone to get bit or for their dog to be hit by a car.

His Doorkeeper said...

Phinley is absolutely darling...what kind of dog is he?
We don't have many dogs in our neighborhood but if I'm out walking with ours and we run in to one it always kind of scares me 'cause you just never know how they are all going to take to each other!

We have a golden lab and a cocker spaniel.


Erin and Ryan said...

Thanks for the suggestions! This usually doesn't happen and most of the dogs in our neighborhood are friendly, but you never know!

His Doorkeeper - thanks for the compliment on my little pup. He's a Yorkie-Poo {yorkshire terrier and poodle}. I had a cocker spaniel growing up...I love their big ears!

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