Friday, December 31, 2010

greatness in 2010

I saw this "2010 recap" on several other blogs and really loved it! Enjoy!

Snow tubbing in Williamsport with Jenn, Chris, and Owen!

The 2nd Valentine's Day Ryan and I celebrated as husband and wife!

Trip to Mexico!!

Celebrated the upcoming arrival of not 1, or 2, but 3 new babies into the church! The men chugging apple juice from a sippy cup :0)

Ryan and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary camping with church friends!

I took a trip with Phinley to visit my parents in NC!

Devonshire Church Softball won their 2nd championship! {this picture was from last year, but you get the idea :0) }

Beach trip to LBI to see my Aunt Betty and Carol!

Ryan got LASIK eye surgery!!


We completed the Hepburn Lycoming Elementary School Walk-A-Thon!

We went with friends to the Amazing Maize Maze at Cherry Crest Farm!

Ryan and I took a trip to Rochester, NY to visit his brother, SIL, and nephew!

We celebrated Asher's 1st birthday!

There's so much more I wasn't able to include, because, well...that would be sooo long and probably boring for you!

We were so blessed {again} this year to have spent tons of time with family and friends!! Each year I realize a little bit more how less important the things are in my life and how more important the people are!

Excited about 2011! Who knows...maybe the start of a baby this year...

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