Tuesday, December 28, 2010

christmas recap

Doesn't Christmas always feel like it goes by in a blink? So much anticipation, then boom. It's over!

We were in NJ for 5 days, but it felt more like 30mins.

Here's a little recap of our holiday with the Harris'!

Ryan and I on Christmas morning :0)

This is what ever morning looked like {but this is Christmas} -- Ryan reading the Bible and Phinley close by to snuggle.

Our pile of presents!! No peeking, Ryan!

Hmmmm....looking a little low in numbers this year waiting to rush down the stairs {we missed you Darren, Kasie, Jason, Marissa, and Andrew!!}. A Harris tradition is for everyone to push and shove their way down to their pile of gifts first. Good thing we had Phinley {not pictured} to add a little commotion!

Phin-dog gave Ryan a watch this year!

I forced them to do this awkward pose.

I did not, however, force Ryan to do this pose. Guess he just had to test out his new water balloon launcher! haha!

We also go this ginormous cooler!

And I got really nice slippers! You should have seen my old ones....it was time.

Larry surprised Lynn with an i=pod touch - it was awesome!

Later that night, Darren and Kasie came over to open their presents from Larry and Lynn and have Christmas dinner.

Can you believe Darren got a ukulele? So funny!!

They also brought Phinley's cousin, Sadie, over to play. They were NUTS together! Two dogs together = craziness :-D

I'm not sure what's going on in this picture. Ryan did this on his own.

Ok...so...fast forward 2 days......Andrew arrives!! Now we can really celebrate Christmas :0)

He loves his Aunt Shannon :0)

Each family took turns passing out presents.

Larry got a special gift from the whole family. He's a big reader, so we knew the nook would be just perfect! He loved it!!

Darren and Kasie opening presents from us!

Ryan and I gave Andrew a rubber ball...he also loved it :0) Every little boy needs a little ball! I thought this picture was so cute -- he's cheesin' for his Auntie Shannon!

Jason and Marissa got sleds for their 48+ inches of snow in Rochester, NY {ugh! so much!}

So stinkin' cute! I can't hardly stand it!!

We had a wonderful family dinner together, then the boys watched sports and the girls just chatted.

The next morning I came down the stairs to find this:

Angel baby fast asleep.

We had such a blessed holiday!

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