Monday, November 29, 2010

thanksgiving in NC

Here's a picture re-cap of our Thanksgiving in NC!

It's hard to believe that those 5 1/2 days went by so quickly!

Phinley, my "baby", did a fabulous job with everyone around and slept a lot! He loves a good pillow!
He also watched Asher a lot to make sure he was being well taken care of :0) He would have licked that little cutie to pieces if we let him!

My sister {Emily}, Mom, and I did go shopping on black Friday and it wasn't too bad! We knew the good deal spots :0) Mom did the research ahead of time!

And check out this little turkey on Thanksgiving! He's just going from the cutest little baby to the cutest little crawling mini-toddler! HA! Who doesn't love a turkey butt??

Look at those cheeks!

Ryan was sick most of our Thanksgiving week, but was a great trooper! I think he was the only one of us who actually lost weight over Thanksgiving!

Thanks for a great week! The whole Harris family had a wonderful time!

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