Tuesday, November 30, 2010

off roadin' with Andrew

A few weeks ago Ryan and I went to visit Jason, Marissa, and Baby Andrew in Rochester.

Rochester is close to Lake Ontario, so they get lots of cold and snow very early in the season.

Fortunately, NY realized my intolerance for frigid conditions in early November and graced us with a very unseasonably warm, sunny weekend!!

We spent most of our time outside and even took Andrew on a character building hike through a local park near the lake.

The park was gorgeous!

The brook was babbling, leaves were changing, and Jason wanted Andrew to experience a little off roading, stroller style.

Most of our walk looked like this.....

Jason leading with Ryan and I close behind {note: babbling brook}

Then, Jason decided to take a short-cut up this mountain small hill.

It didn't seem that bad at first -- then we started up.

I wasn't sure if Andrew had a 5-point harness on his stroller, but at this point, I was hoping 0:-)

Uncle Ryan eventually had to come to the rescue and get Andrew over a rock! Way to go Uncle Ryan!

Good thing we didn't go down...

Maybe when he's a toddler.

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