Sunday, November 14, 2010

thankful: our home

Nov 14: Our Home

I'm thankful for our home.

I was looking through some pictures and came across these of our home being built.

Ryan and I weren't married when he purchased our first home, but I was still semi-involved in the process. I remember looking at homes with him, but still leaving it completely up to him since we were newly engaged and I didn't have any idea what I was doing! I was so young and clueless about what to look for in a home!

We were so blessed to get a home brand new! Looking at these pictures brought tears to my eyes, because I was not nearly grateful enough at the time. I was too consumed with wedding stuff, starting a new job, attending a new church, etc. that I didn't take the time to quiet things and say "Thank you God for this huge blessing!"

God has been so good to us. Thank you for such a clean, safe and love filled home.

Here's the place before it was done....amazing that we owned it at this point! We are SO blessed and honored to be given these earthly things!

I'm such a model here! haha!

Master bathroom before:

Master bathroom now:
Kitchen before:

Kitchen now:

It's come a long way and has changed a lot over the last 2 years we've been married. I won't even start talking about the basement! WOW!

Thankful for a home to call our own!

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Jess said...

This post totally makes me want to come visit your beautiful home again!! :)

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