Thursday, October 28, 2010

stay on your own side

The last few nights Ryan has been working night shift.

It's a hard adjustment for both of us. He has trouble staying awake and I have trouble staying asleep.

I'm sure any married woman out there can can attest to the fact that when her protector man isn't there, it makes for a rough night. Even if he isn't a protector man {some men can sleep through anything!} it's just nice to know at least someone else is around in case of emergency.

So, to help me catch some zzzzs...I recruited the help of Little Dog.


I know. I said I would never let my dog sleep with me {but we all say a lot of things don't we!! haha} and he won't sleep with me if Ryan's home, but when Ryan's gone his super sensitive dog ears make me feel like someone is listening for an intruder all night long.

Although I know for certain he would lick someone, before ever hurting them, his simple attentiveness would give me a few seconds to jump out the window create a safe and rational plan of action.

This has been working out great, except for one little thing....he won't stay on his side of the bed!

He LOVES to cuddle and be close!

If I'm on my side, he'll circle around right next to me and just about lay on top of me. The other night he came up to my face and no joke, rested his head right on my arm pit/shoulder area -- I could feel his breath on my cheek. HAHA! No way Phin dog!

I kept having to scoop him up and flop him over on Ryan's side. Most of the time he just stood up right away and would circle around back over to my side. I know his spot is warm and everything, but common.

If it were up to him we'd share a pillow, but I'm sorry....I need some boundaries!

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Andrea said...

This post made me laugh! Yes, I'd say we all do things that at times we say we will never do.

Phin sounds a lot like Callie...she's a cuddler too and I actually love it (when I'm not pregnant). Katy on the other hand sleeps in the very bottom corner of the bed so it's like she isn't even there. I had Katy before I was married and always let her sleep with me so Ryan had no say once we got married. haha

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