Wednesday, October 27, 2010

breakfast for dinner

Who doesn't LOVE pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes for dinner??

Life group decided to have breakfast for dinner last Sunday before terrific!

Ryan and I were in charge of the eggs.

I'm not a big egg fan, so I don't have much experience making them. Ryan, on the other hand, has made them for years at his family's big Christmas breakfast, so I felt comfortable and confident in his egg cooking care.

They turned out AmAzing!

Everything was goood!

Eli couldn't partake {not yet anyways} so he watched us all down the goodness. Doesn't he look excited? Nothing like being surrounded by good food and having to sit in a hard high chair with a paci in your mouth. Way to relax and take it with stride Little Man.

There were many trips up and down to refill.

This table made it through first. I was just sitting down and they were done! How did that happen?? :0D

Afterwards we chatted and cleaned up, while Ryan hung out with all his friends.

It was so funny because shortly after I took this picture I was cleaning in the kitchen and he came in to ask if I needed any help. I thought that was so sweet, but then I asked him if he had anyone to hang out with out there and he said "no." HAHA What a stinker! Couldn't move to another table I guess!!

This one looked like it was having fun!

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