Tuesday, October 12, 2010

pumpkin cookie deliciouness!

I tried to make pumpkin cookies last night and it was a big FAIL.

In the past I have made them with no problems and they were plump and tasty.

This time they came out flat

As little round pumpkin cookie pancakes

Since I was making them for company {coming that night} and I had a lot of batter left, I did the first thing I could think of to try and save the rest: called my Mom to see what the heck I did wrong! We discovered that I did nothing wrong and maybe, just maybe the baking soda I used was out of date {?}...that was a stretch though.

I figured the whole batch was a dud then she had a fabulous idea....make sandwich cookies!

So I took 2 flat pumpkin cookies

Added some whipped cream cheese frosting

Slapped them together and voila...

Pumpkin cookie sandwiches!!

And oh they were sooooo good! A hit with our guests too :0D

Who knew the FAIL would be such a SUCCESS??

Thanks Mom!


Meredith said...


Emily said...

Nice save! I wonder what happened - that's so weird!

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