Sunday, October 31, 2010

amazing maize maze

We ended our October the best way possible -- at the AMAZING MAIZE MAZE!

Who doesn't love a good corn maze?

This place had tons of activities and all things fallish to buy.

We did finish the maze, however, I snapped this just in case we needed some help {it was a picture of the maze posted at the entrance -- bwhaha!}

Ryan, Stutz, Erin, Charlotte, and Crystal ready to go in!

Throughout the maze were barns with clues that eventually revealed a map of the maze and the way out!

Baby Charlotte had a blast! She was SO good riding along in her super stroller!

Ryan and I in the life size tee-pee :0D

I've never gone canoeing through corn before -- how was it guys? Obviously hard with a loud train going by! Poor Lucas!

We did it! Our map is complete!

And to celebrate....a ride down the SUPER SLLLLLIIIIIDDDEEE!

1 comment:

Emily said...

So fun! Next year we'll have to come up for the amazing maize maze!

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