Monday, September 20, 2010

walkin' on sunshine

Or IN sunshine!

It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon for the Hepburn Lycoming Elementary School Walk-A-Thon!!

My sister {Jenn} created, organized, and basically pulled together this whole fantastic fundraiser!

She did so much work creating walk-a-thon signs, organizing volunteers {like over 50}, advertising at school, painting banners, getting sponsors, gathering donations for some awesome raffle prizes, and more!!

The day before we got all the supplies organized and ready to go.

She had mounds of stuff for the big day piled in her garage!

So many great raffle items and prizes the kids could earn by walking laps around the high school track!

The morning of the walk was beautiful! There were threats of rain and clouds, but the sky was clear and sunny :0)

Once we got to the high school and started unloading her car all craziness broke loose! There was so much that needed to be done! Good thing there were so many volunteers waiting and willing to work!

This was the registration tent as all the women got things set up. Busy.

There was also a tent for food and treats for the participants and their guests.

Jenn didn't want anyone to run out of energy, hence ample candy!!!

Once the walk got started and everyone realized how hot it was, Little Jimmy's Italian Ice got hit hard!

Even though everything was organized so well and there were lots of people to help, a line formed quickly at the registration table. No one wanted to waste any time -- let's get walking!!

Even Boomer was there to kick off the afternoon. You can find his stats here.

Wait a second, Boomer! Were you trying to get a sticker before completing an entire lap?!? Get walking!!

Ryan, Owen, and Boomer :0)
As the students made laps around the track, they passed by a wall of checkers who would place a sticker on the back of a badge they were wearing.

The stickers could be used/traded for prizes.
The more stickers....the better the prize!!

And the stronger your heart got!

And you know, even with all this hard work walking, we did have to squeeze in a little fun and games! There was a huge blow up obstacle course the kids could use by either raising $$ or purchasing a ticket!

Owen raised enough $$ that he earned 4 tickets! So he would do a little walking....

And then take a run through the obstacle course....

Do a little more walking.....

Race through the obstacle course....


And walk....

I was so proud of Owen. He completed 12 laps or 3 miles -- that's a long way for little legs! He even ran over half of the last full lap.

He DID it! Yay! So proud of you buddy!


The day was a HUGE success!

Way to go all the kids and families who participated!

Way to go Jenn for planning and organizing such a fun afternoon for the school!

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