Sunday, August 15, 2010

weekend in DC!

Ryan and I traveled to Washington, D.C. this weekend to visit Emily {my sister}, Drew, and.....

This little guy! Isn't he just the cutest? Oh my goodness! He's so good at sitting up now! It's amazing how much he's changed from our last visit a few weeks ago!

He's not only good at sitting up now, he's also super good at maxin' and relaxin'!

We didn't do too much this weekend....mostly just spent time with one another.

I think this picture of Asher with his Uncle Ryan is so dear! They liked to watch sports together!

Asher also showed me how much he likes to help his Mommy blog. He's quite the blogger...and very persistent at getting to those computer keys!

We spent Friday night just hanging out and watched a movie, then Emily and I went out shopping all day Saturday. Asher was happy to spend the day with the boys :0)

We all played together a little more when we got home though. Uncle Ryan is awesome at cuddling on the couch AND pushing the swing!

Those 2 are so precious!

Emily and I tried to get a picture with Asher, but he wasn't really having it. Emily clearly knows that the adults are to keep smiling and the photographer {Ryan.} is to get the baby happy. I'm still new at all this...I thought if I asked Asher what was wrong, he might just look up and tell me!

Two happy sisters and, well, Ash :0P

I loved cuddling on the couch with that little man! He's just so dear and so HAPPY all. the. time!

We had a great visit! Thanks for having us over! We love seeing you all {but mostly Asher!} hehe

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