Monday, August 9, 2010

some things in life just aren't fair

Like how Ryan can go from not running at all, to being way faster than me in just a matter of weeks.

The guy is completely ridiculous.

We started running together about 4-5weeks ago; I talked the whole time and he tried to keep up. I pushed him along, then smiled and giggled when we got back because I was actually faster than him! I'd ask him all day how he felt and if his legs were tired, because mine weren't at all and could have probably gone another mile or two :0)

Then, about 2 weeks ago, his 10+ years of running experience kicked into gear and my days of smiling and giggling were over :0(

Saturday we did 8 miles together. By the time we were at mile 7 he was running up and back to me so he wouldn't get too far ahead. Stinker.

It's so unfair.

At least he's agreed to keep running with me! Maybe he'll push me enough to increase my slow speed!

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