Monday, August 2, 2010

my hunky husband

My husband rocks!

He's not only super good looking...

He's super thoughtful and very caring.

This Friday he had off work and I had a whole bunch of stuff on my "to-do list" he was willing to get done for me! He had dedicated this entire weekend to me -- wowser :0) -- and really followed through!

Friday he took Phinley to Sharon for a little freshening up. This is what I saw waiting for me when I came in the door from work.....

PLUS, some beautiful fresh flowers.

While I was watching movies and sitting by the pool at camp {my summer job is so tough and stressful ;0)} Ryan managed to wash our sheets, comforter, re-make the bed, go to the bank, unload the dishwasher, fix my towel holder, and make a snack to take to a surprise volleyball birthday party!

I was impressed.

I showed him my little listy, but didn't want him to think he had to do everything!!

THEN, this morning I came downstairs {after fabulously sleeping in until 7:30...seriously} and look what I found!

That stinker decorated the whole downstairs for my birthday.

I'm so blessed.

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Shazia said...


I am a follower of your sister's blog. I am just stopping by to say Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day!

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