Sunday, August 1, 2010

Harris birthday beauties

The end of July is a big birthday month for the Harris'

We have Lynn and Kasie's birthday only a few days apart from each other!

Lynn is an amazing mother-in-law and recently a brand new grandmother :0) She doesn't look old enough to be a grandmother, but definitely has all the characteristics {spoiling, loves to show him off, little portable picture album waiting and ready for anyone who would look}

She got to spend her birthday on a cruise to Canada! I heard it was cold, but who doesn't like to get away for a few days on vacation & have someone else do all the cooking and cleaning for you!?!

Hope you had a wonderful day, Lynn!
Happy Birthday!

Kasie celebrated her birthday a few days before Lynn. She's Darren's wife {this is the 2 of them last year for Kasie's bridal shower}.
She's extremely thoughtful and probably the best yard sale shopper I've ever seen! I haven't gone out with her yet, but she always tells me about the greatest finds she makes. Recently, she gave Baby Andrew a huge laundry basket full of clothes, shoes, socks, you name it....just some of her most recent finds :0)

From the time I've met her, I've always noticed she thinks about others and is always on the look out for little gifties to get them!

She takes good care of her husband, loves us, and loves the Lord....what more can you ask for in a sister-in-law?!

Hope you had a wonderful day! It was nice to see you on your birthday this year!

Happy {be-lated} Birthday!

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Emily said...

Talking about Harris birthday beauties...

Asher says Happy early birthday Aunt Erin!

I love your new header, by the way.

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