Sunday, July 25, 2010

a throne fit for a king

Our master bathroom got a little bit of an update this weekend!

I spent the majority of Saturday hauling my butt in and out of the ridiculous heat looking for a shower curtain and baskets {for all our crap on the counter} for our master bath.

If you remember from was a fail, until I looked on the Bed Bath & Beyond website when I got home and found just the most very perfect one I had been searching for all day!!

Who knew I'd find it while eating Teddy Grahams and drinking Diet Dr. Pepper??

Even with a coupon it was a little more than I think a shower curtain is worth, but I love it!

I liked the curtain I picked out 2 1/2 years ago when registering for our wedding, but this has a little more warmth and maturity :0)

I even bought some towels at Target to match!! We had been using the hodge podge of towels I had since college. They were great, just didn't match and I hate things that don't match. It goes against my blood flow.

So what do you think??
Who needs to iron out the fold creases in a new curtain?? Not me :0)

Now all I need to find are some small dark colored baskets for all the stuff we just can't seem to ever put back in the drawers!


Akirah said...

Your bathroom looks great! I'm photographing this in my memory for when I purchase my first house!

Emily said...

Oh I love it! Isn't it amazing what a big difference just a new shower curtain can make? Good luck finding the baskets!

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