Saturday, July 24, 2010

can I sit down now?

I've had one of those no stop Saturdays.

Usually, I like a get things done kinda Saturday, but after a 7 mile run in the roaring heat and humidity I wanted to take a cold shower and sit. For a while.


Being the awesome woman that I am {haha} I tackled my to-do list and managed to run, clean the entire downstairs of my house {including mopping}, get showered and ready for the day, and finish a load of laundry before lunch.

Then, I had errand running and grocery shopping.

The main goal of the errands were to return a few items to Kohls and Wal-Mart {success!}, and look for a new shower curtain and baskets for our master bathroom {do you ever just get tired of looking at the same old thing?}

Ugh. The whole shower curtain thing was a complete failure.

After going to:
Jo-Anne Fabrics
Christmas Tree Shoppes

All I had to show for it was 1 roll of shelf liner, a brownie pan, a stuffed lobster with squeaky claws, and my weight in groceries.

Do you know how many ugly shower curtains there are out there? It's ridiculous. I hate going in and out the heat/'s brutal!

At least Phinley liked his new lobster friend. Here he is squeaking away on the new fuzzy bed Ryan bought him the other night. He went out to get me a birthday present and came back with nothing for me and a fuzzy bed for Phin.

Oh my.

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