Thursday, November 19, 2009

Shabby Blogs, SGThanksgiving, and Flowers

I'm thankful for Shabby Blog Design. I have a hard time deciding on a blogger background sometimes and change my mind a lot, which is why I love this site so much! I can change my background whenever I want and it's free! Yay! It was looking a little dark, so I opted for something more bright -- what do you think?

I'm thankful so many people were able to come to SG Thankgiving dinner last night! I mentioned it yesterday-- here are some candids of the night. The food was so so good and I ate way too much, go figure :0) I'm so good at that!!

The girls chatting. I'm thankful I got to see Kendy and her family (she's sitting on the step). She and her husband moved several months ago and haven't been able to be at small was a treat to have them there!

How is everything, Ryan? His mouth is full. He ate so slowly because he was so tired from work. Poor guy. I was on my second plate and he was still working on his first.

The other full table.

The 2 at our table, Stutz & Erin
Kaylee (Kendy and Josh's daughter) couldn't talk and barely was walking last time we saw her. Last night she was playing dolls and talking up a storm -- they grow so fast!

Cohen (Neal and Lydia's son - they're on the opposite end of the sofa), was such cute entertainment! Clearly he knows what to do after a meal...relax!

I'm thankful for these flowers Ryan got me last Friday for our date night! It was a real date!


Emily said...

I like your new background! I actually bought the digital kit they used to make your sidebars, so if you want any of the pictures to add on let me know. I can email them to you. By pictures I mean things like the birdhouse and flowers you see on right-hand side of my blog.

Emily said...

By the way...your post made me want to change some things on my blog too! I still like my background, but made a new signature and post divider. I also learned how to put photos in "frames" -- see the ultrasound photo. This is so fun!

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