Monday, October 12, 2009

Feeling Good....Even After 26.2 Miles!!

It's 2 days after the big race and I feel great! Ryan and I are waiting in the Harrisburg airport waiting for our flight to Cleveland, then to LA! We're going to visit his brother and sister-in-law, Jason & Marissa, for the next week!

I would love to tell you all the juicey details of my weekend, but we have a flight to catch :0) I will let you know that I finished under my goal time of 5hrs (I made it in 4hrs. 48mins!) and am not really sore at all today....score!

My fabulous husband was a great supporter and put together this video for your viewing pleasure of the race! I tried to put the youtube video right on here, but I'm having some technical difficulties, so you'll have to follow the link! It's pretty awesome!!!

1 comment:

Emily said...

I saw your video on FB (link there isn't working) -- you did amazing! I love how you passed all of those people at the end. :o) Have fun in CA!

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