Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Quite the Character

Last night I was called to sub in the same classroom both today and Friday. Somewhere deep down inside me I just knew knew knew there was going to be a challenging student in this room. It's hard to say why I thought this, other than it just came to me.

Well, unfortunately, that feeling was right. Dead on actually.

When I walked into the classroom the teacher was there, getting some last minute things ready and waiting for me so we could talk about "a certain student."

To keep the student anon, I'll call them Jet.

To sum up our conversation I discovered that Jet (first grade, no less) has hit about 4 teachers, 6 students, torn things off the walls, does not listen and, oh yeah, has a habit of running away.

What?. Seriously.

The classroom teacher told me someone would be with me to assist/help with Jet throughout the day. When Jet entered with an adult I thought that was his/her aide for the day. Well, it was another teacher who snagged Jet as he/she was running away from the school.....after they got off the bus!!

Ha.Ha.Ha. What?.

The other students were awesome kids and great listeners! Very accomodating of Jet.

So other than a "I hate you Mrs. Harris" (while swinging his/her hand at my face) I had a great day!

Can't wait for Friday. (sense the sarcasm)

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