Friday, August 7, 2009

Beautiful Beach!

We're back from our wonderful Harris Family vacation beach trip! Everyone from the immediate Harris family (minus Kasie :0( ) was there!

It's a little sad to be back, especially since we had to leave on the nicest non-humid, sunny day! But we're glad we were able to go and enjoy. Lynn and Larry were so nice to get a beach house for us all to stay in :0)

I took my camera, but was awful at taking pictures....I hate when I do that! Here are a few I did manage to get!

On the drive to NJ we got stuck in major traffic. It was horrible.

This is the face Ryan made when I asked him how he felt about the drive...

He hates getting stuck in traffic! I hardly ever hear him complain (ever!), unless we're in traffic. He becomes like a whole other person.

I'm not sure why we look so happy in this picture. It must have been when we got to go above 25mph.
The second day we were there, August 2nd, was my birthday! Ryan brought along bright pink and white crepe paper to decorate the house - he's so thoughtful. My parents always decorated the house on our birthdays, so it's great to have that even when I'm not at home anymore:0)

Look at all the pretty pink decorations :o)
My birthday chair!

Ryan and I, before we went out for my birthday dinner - grilled chxn sandwich and french favorite!!

A lot of the time, we all just hung out, played games, and did stuff on our computers. Here are Darren, Nate, and Shannon just relaxing!
We also did a lot of puzzles. One Puzz-3D, one 1,000 piece, and one 500 piece. We were puzzle fanatics! The picture's a bit dark, but here's Ryan and Darren working on the 1,000 piecer.
Another thing Ryan and I did was run. We got up almost every morning (minus the morning we biked 15miles) to run. I had terrible shin splints, so I felt slow and pathetic, but Ryan was able to get in a lot of good training. He's so fast! We ran on the board walk twice, which was so nice because it gives a little and my leg needed a break from the cement!
Here's Ryan after a run - woah sweaty boy! It was ridiculously hot and humid every morning. We left between 7:30-8:30 each morning and were drenched and soooo thirsty by the time we got back. It was almost like torture, but not quite.
Here's a picture of Ryan and I at the last night in OC. We're tanned, happy, and super full from all the food we ate (constantly for 6 days!).
I can't wait for another beach vacation! It was so much fun relaxing, puzzling, eating, exercising, reading, and laying out...I could hardly stand it!!

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