Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tomato Time

About a month ago I returned from Jenn's house with a tomato plant that looked like this...

It was given to me by her husband's cousin (they own a green house business) when we stopped to buy some other flowers for our front yard. It was the last one and past the time it should have been planted, but I thought with my love and Ryan's good looks it would just have to grow beautiful round cherry tomatoes for us to devour!

So I painted my black thumb green and got it the perfect spot on the back deck. I even bought a bottle of plant feeder (which will last us until we move into our next house) so it would have
all the extra vitamins and minerals it needed!

Lots of water, hot sun, a new tomato trellis, and of course L.O.V.E. and VOILA!

It's huge!

The first fruits of our labor!

Look at all those tomatoes starting to grow. I actually picked the first 3, the reddist ones, and used them on a salad tonight for Ryan and I!

They were delicious! I can't believe I actually grew something. I mentioned before about my lack of gardening skills and the fact that I hate bugs so this is a huge success for me!
In a couple weeks we should have so many tomatoes they'll be coming out of our ears...score!

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