Saturday, July 25, 2009

So long Sofa Set

With mixed feelings (or not), this week it was time to say good-bye plaid sofa set!

That's so mean - the sofa set wasn't that bad. A lot of people really liked it and I did too from time to time, but if you know know I like variety & change (when it comes to decorations).

And, when you have a green and red plaid sofa, in an open living room plan it's almost possible to ver away from, you guessed it, green and red. AND although I love the color red...I was surrounded by it a bit too much.

We had plans to move the plaid downstairs in the finished basement, but when I suggested to Ryan that maybe I could sell it on craigslist and he wasn't opposed I posted it that night. Wouldn't you know, we got about 10 emails from people interested in our set! Score!

The second couple who wanted to see it were so dear on the phone. The woman asked questions about the comfort, look, structure, etc. and so when I told her that it was very stable and didn't sink to the ground when you sat on it....I got a little nervous when I hung up and knew that she would be more than dissapointed when she arrived, sat, and almost hit the floor.

What was I to do?

Oh!, I know - ask Ryan. He's so awesome. When I told him what I said to the woman on the phone (a semi-lie), he immediately went out to the garage and together we worked with the sofa in this space....

to flip it over, cut the bottom lining off, and re-screw the broken frame.

During the fix, he found some sweet treasures that had worked their way from the couch cushions to the bottom of the sofa. I knew the people before us had kids when he found:

butterfly hair clips
a small string art project
a matchbox car
crayons (like a whole box worth)
more butterfly clips
baby doll hair comb

Again, Ryan is awesome, and even though he broke 2 drill bits in the process, he made the sofa like new again!

Needless to SOLD! The couple loved it and I'm sure that now it is in a better place, getting all the love, oohs and ahhhs, and sleep drool it deserves.

The woman who purchased it was so excited that she said this "I was having a really bad day until now. I can't wait to take it home, like a match to my old furniture, and sit on this."

Clearly, it's in a better place.

Ryan and I are in the process of looking for a sectional for our basement, which I'll post as soon as we find, but for now lets look back on the old sofa's prime time in the Harris house :0)
Did I mention that we sold them for TWICE what we paid. We're awesome and I think we owe Lynn a small percentage, since she did find them for us in the first place!!

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