Thursday, June 11, 2009

King Kone??

Yes, please.

I love ice cream. Hard. Soft. You name it. If it's sweet, cold, and will stay on a cone I'll eat it!! It's a simple fact about who I am.

I don't buy ice cream when I want ice cream because I end up eating like 1/2 the container and leaving Ryan with only spoonfuls. I've also been know to follow the PB/Fudge/Carmel/Etc. topping trail throughout the 1/2 gallon to get the max, so when Ryan does get some it's usually just vanilla. Bummer.

We've decided that when we're (I'm) craving something yummy, cold, and sweet we should just go out and buy 1 ice cream cone, rather than spend the $ on a 1/2 gallon and then watch me consume the entire thing.

I'm all about trying new ice cream places, so when I saw this (see below) place open I knew we just had to go!

Yumm....King Kone! They have oodles of options. So many my heart starts to flutter when we walk in the door. It's really quite amazing! My favorite is that they have about 27 soft served flavors. I know!! Crraaazzzyyyy!

They first opened in the winter and I made Ryan go right away because I wasn't sure they were going to make it, but don't worry - they are doing a fabulous business! We've gone 5 times so far :0D

It's so close to our house (I think I may run there sometime, get some IC, rest and then run home) that I like to take family and friends who come visit us! Emily and Drew have been there and this past weekend, as per my Dad's request (!), we went again! Yes.

My parents got waffle cones...woah! They got a load of ice cream and boy was it yummy.

Lime for Mom . Maple for Dad. Expresso for Ryan. Creme de Menthe (w/ chocolate sprinkles) for Me.

Here are some pictures of outside of KK. This is how Ryan felt after his cone - happy an relaxed...naturally.

Dad must be thinking about whether or not he should go for another.

King Kone is a hit!
Wanna go??!!? Okay! Come on over!
If you're not satisfied OR can't find something you like then I'll eat a King Kone Gorilla Sundae. That should fill me up enough for the both of us!
Do you have a favorite ice cream place?? Where??
Happy Ice Cream Season!
OH! Did I mention they have a person in a gorilla costume stand out by the cars and wave on nice days!


Emily said...

Oh my goodness -- I LOVE King Kone! When I stay with you during the reunion we might need to make a side trip on the way home. Baby needs some King Kone. :o)

Erin and Ryan Harris said...

Remember when there were 27 soft served flavors and you got VANILLA?? Maybe baby will want something a little more wild!!

Erin and Ryan Harris said...

And, yes...we can definitely go!!

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