Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day in First Grade

Kids make me laugh.

The first graders I work with never cease to suprise me with their stories and silly comments .

This past week we made Mother's Day cards and I laughed (out loud and to myself) almost the whole time. They drew a picture of their mom on one side of the card and then completed a sheet entitled "My Mom" full of prompts, on the other side.

Here are some of the prompts and their responses:

My mom cooks the best:
- cheese and chips
- hot dogs (I guess not just anyone can cook a hot dog!)
- Ambrosia
- meat loaf

My mom is so smart she can:
- cook everything!
- do math
- complete a census

My mom gets mad when I:
- smack my sister
- stay up too late
- don't listen

My mom is as pretty as:
- a flower
- a sunny day
- a rainbow
- my teacher (intially she told me she was going to write "my teacher Mrs. Harris" and although I love when students include detail in their writing I thought the "Mrs. Harris" wasn't necessary and made me feel weird so I discouraged her from including it! Thankfully, she listened! phew. haha)

The pictures were also hilarious. One student drew their mom with a huge head and little tiny body. Another, colored her mom's face in green - she looked slightly like an alien.

I must say though, that for as often as these kids rush to get things done, they took their time and did their very best work for their very best moms! I was proud of them :0)

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Emily said...

I hope I'm smart enough to complete a census someday! How do they even know what a "census" is?! That's too funny!

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